Email Marketing (Mass Mailing)

Email marketing
 “There is no best way to promote your product without advertisement.”

Why Email Marketing?

  • Directly reach to the targeted people.
  • Lowest cost and highest benefit.
  • Advertising space is not a issue. You can use unlimited space for advertisement.
  • Website address and email address can be linked directly.
  • Email will delivered by using your company email. So you will get any kind of reply in your email from clients.
  • You can increase your sells by email marketing. Beside this your company gets a brand position.
  • Quick response & quick delivery.
  • You can use both picture and text. Beside this, you can use feedback form in email

Why you choose email marketing services from W3Space?

  • Automatically email delivery by Email marketing software.
  • No duplicate email. Our software removes email if it get any duplicate in the email list.
  • All verified email. We use our customized software to verify all email.
  • 80-90% inbox delivery.
  • Auto generated report for clients (Inbox report, Spam report, Bounce report).
  • W3Space is pioneer of Email marketing in Bangladesh. So we always maintain our reputation
  • Free consultancy for better advertisement.
  • Cost effective.
  • 1500+ satisfied clients worldwide.
  • Specific Clients area.
  • 24*7 customer support.
  • 1 by 1 email sending system.
  • SMTP server with dedicated IP
  • Spam and bounce detector
  • Picture can add in body. No need to attachment

Our Database:
Corporate Area: Corporate employer, CTO, CEO, Managing director, Club members, Different organization member, Different company owner and directors etc. –Total 5,50,000+ email

Regular Area: Student and Corporate employee.-Total 12,00,000+ email

For more info call: +880 1511 023450 or Contact US our Support


Email marketing Package Cost:

  • Email
  • Coverage
  • Brand
  • Validity
Features »
4,50,000+ Email

  • Email 4,50,000+ Email
  • Coverage Corporate
  • Brand Your Brand Name
  • Validity Lifetime
7,50,000+ Email

  • Email 7,50,000+ Email
  • Coverage Student
  • Brand Your Brand Name
  • Validity Lifetime
12,00,000+ Email

  • Email 12,00,000+ Email
  • Coverage Total
  • Brand Your Brand Name
  • Validity Lifetime
Custom Plan

  • Email ANY
  • Coverage World Wide
  • Brand Your Brand Name
  • Validity Lifetime

Email marketing requirement:

  • Email body (Content may be picture or plain text or picture, text both or html formate).
  • Email subject (Not more than 80 characters).
  • Company name (Not more than 40 characters)..
  • Email address.

What you will get in report?

  • How much email delivered in INBOX
  • How much email delivered in SPAM
  • How much email undelivered
  • Report will generate within 24 hour after complete the full email marketing

Some important information:

  • You can ensure your email marketing from the report or visiting our office or from response.
  • We do not provide email database report
  • We do not sale email address. We only send email by using our software and server.
  • We can operate the email marketing only from our office.
  • Client must provide all content with work order.
  • Design charge Extra will be added. ( if needed )